So, I'll say it again: God I love Alaska. Today, with the help of Ken (who actually worked harder than I did on it) we got a canoe for this summer. We are both hoping to escape the hordes of tourists about to descend on us. Yay. My first boat. P.S. my rig is becoming quite the Alaska vehicle.


Bill said…
How's the Suburban running? Originally, you had thought that it might (would) break down. It looks like it's working out great!
Anonymous said…
Bartender Joke.

What is the difference between a Canadian and a canoe?

The canoe will tip.

Nice Pics. Happy hunting.
Bill, it is running well. It will do for the bush trips this summer. And if it gets trashed, no worries. Anonymous: if I wasn't a Canadian working for the Public Defender maybe I could afford to tip!

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