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So, work sucks. Because I was the first one to jump ship to my new employer (who got the contract yesterday) some in the office are treating me like Judas. I feel like Milton. Today, I was locked out of my computer. My user account was deleted and I cannot access the server at all. One of the secretaries was trying to find someone to cover my cases tomorrow so they could fire me. My boss, of course, acted stupid. Another attorney who has been with the office for 25 years was swore at and accused of stealing a box of paperclips. If we had security he would have been escorted out. It is awful. In other news I have decided to hire a realtor to help me sell. I am dedicated to Alaska, even though it may cost me my Green Card. I have tried to sell it on my own but to no avail. There goes $30,000. Look at this picture of Kenai.

Beautiful. I have to sell my house in about 3 weeks to make it work so who knows. I have one major interior project to do which should be done by Sunday night. Then …
So, I just have 4 words today. GOD I HATE CALIFORNIA.!!!! And to think I have 3 more months of this. I'm not going to make it.
So, I GOT MY 45 DAY LETTER TODAY!! After almost two years. And, the good news, is that I am in the Dallas Backlog Elimination Center and NOT Philadelphia, which is much slower.
This makes my decision more complicated. Some people get Labor Certified after a few weeks and others take years. Of course my boss still has to sign it, but he was being a jackass today and wouldn't. Because I was one of the first people to jump ship to the new firm I guess. If he won't my lawyer will or the new boss will. My plan is to push full steam ahead with Alaska. IF my labor certification comes before the house sells, I am going to wait until we get Green Cards. If, however, the house sells first we are going. Otherwise not much is new. Just thought I would record the day when I almost cried with joy over a one page government document that looks like it took 10 minutes to prepare, if that.

So, the house looks good. $3900 worth of paint. We trimmed the oak trees in front to open it up.
Quite a difference. Compare the pictures above to the one with the carpet.
Still haven't sold the house but someone called me today who sounds like they might be interested. He found it on Craigslist so I can reduce the price by $20,000, which is what I would pay the agent anyways. That makes it even more attractive to him. Otherwise, nothing. Still busy though. Or trying to be in this miserable heat. Tomorrow is the first day of summer and it is going to be over 100 degrees for the first time this year. Yuck. God I hate California. Anyways, I have to run. Still have things to do. It is 7:30 p.m. and just about cool enough that I don't want to puke when I go outside. P.S. I'm back...just wanted to say that Kadee is doing great. She is really starting to notice the world. It is easy to get her to smile now.

So, I just have to write about two things. For those that are not lawyers, you may say who cares? If you care about freedom, you will know what I mean: I am OUTRAGED!!! Today Justice Antonin Scalia delivered the Supreme Court's 5-4 ruling in Hudson v. Michigan concluding that a violation of the “knock-and-announce” rule does not require suppression of evidence found in a search. That means the cops can enter your house anyway they want now and it is not a constitutional violation. The ovens are coming.
Secondly, a California case. In People v. Mayo, the Court held that "through oversight" the failure to instruct the jury with a definition of reasonable doubt as the absence of "an abiding conviction of the truth of the charge" and admonishing the jury the defendant is presumed innocent until the contrary is proved, was not federal constitutional error requiring reversal, and, further was harmless error! WOW!!!! The jury doesn't even need to be told the consti…
So, the painters are here. I can't wait. Now I can advertise the crap out of the house with new pictures. All the green is becoming white, including the fence. It really makes the place look fresh. In the last month I have spent about $15,000 on this place. Anyways, Kadee is ready to go to Alaska. She is learning to live with fur. I have been offered a job with the firm that is taking over the contract. They are offering me a $9,000 year RAISE. However, there are some problems with the offer, that I won't go into here. They have offered to help me with my Green Card. Needless to say, it has caused some confusion in my life. I will continue to update as things happen.

Sometimes, it even makes Kadee sad.
So, I hope the house sells soon. Because, to help it sell, we are doing a massive cleaning. The pile on the left is ALL going to charity. I could have a garage sale, but living up here, it seems more hassle than it is worth. We are packing absolutely everything that we don't use on a daily basis and storing it. A house free of clutter sells more easily. We have two rooms more or less done (i.e. less than a hour of work left): the bar and the living room.
Our room is a disaster. The hardwood floor gets done on Wednesday so we need it done soon. Also, joy of joys, the house painters start Tuesday. Once this house is painted, I can start to advertise the crap out of it. It isa little sad seeing our lives go into piles.

We have to start over with almost everything. But it is fun too. I wil have some money in my pocket when I get there so we can finally get things like matching furniture that was NOT picked up at Salvation Army. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but is nice to…
So, if it is darkest before dawn, it is pitch black right now. God this house is a disaster. There is some good. The living floor is done. The living room is painted, except for trim and touch up, which I will finish tomorrow. Ryan, the contractor, has done all the jobs on his list except finishing the trim on the wood stove.

The living room is now the closest room to being done here. Although right now there is furniture and crap everywhere. The slider went in between the bar and the back deck.
I have wanted one for 4 years and now I get one when the house is (hopefully) about to sell. I have moved from mainly exterior projects to interior.

This weekend, with any luck, this place will go from complete disaster to an almost salabe home. There will still be things to do of course but maybe it will start to look like a house again. Once it is painted next week, I will start advertising the crap out of it. But right now, wow, what a mess!
So, I still have no bites on my house. Looking at this house in Alaska. I could finally have a shop like my brothers! Not much else is new. A puppy disappeared yesterday. Either stolen or eaten. Haven't sold any of the other 5. God, Craigslist sucks. It is free advertising but you aren't allowed to sell puppies on there. I keep trying (of course..screw the rules) and people keep getting nasty like I am trying to sell Hitler's heart or something.
Anyways, I am at work and just have a sec. Will write more later.
So, the house has not sold yet. It is listed but I've only had one call and that didn't pan out. We have sold all our goats and chickens. It is strange not to have a lot of animals around. We are also doing well in selling other personal goods. I know it has only been on the market a week but I would sure like to see some interest in it. The decks are now completely done. I have been working my tail off on the exterior. J has been painting the inside. I figure about two more weeks and the place will be ready to start showing. I am going to make flyers and send them everywhere. J's mom is still visiting but she leaves on Monday. I feel bad that I haven't had any time to visit but life is just crazy right now. I think she is enjoying her visit anyways. She is doing a lot of babysitting.

Tomorrow I am going to take half a day off and take her to Lake Tahoe. I will do work tomorrow afternoon. I have a neighbor "kid" coming over to weed whack, paint etc. for $10 a…