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So, the neighbors came over to help us split wood. Good people. I had the day off for "Cesar Chavez" day. Whatever. But let me tell you a log splitter is high on my "must have" list for Alaska. It took 4 of us about 4 hours to split almost enough wood for next winter. We have 2 stacks that are 3 pieces deep. I think there is about 2 cords there. We had about 2.5 this winter and ran out. So we need more.

After I get about 2 more truck loads from the bottom of the property I can move onto the many other projects I need to do around here this spring. Other than moving the trunk with the backhoe, the wedding tree is cleaned up. Talking about the backhoe, the operator has retained me to do some legal work for him so I will be getting a bunch of hoe work for free. I need to get the trailer wired, plumbed and a porch built so I can get my brewery going full stink. My labels are coming along nicely. I have been communicating with my artist in India every day and they are ab…
So, I broke down and bought Kadee something to wear. Not like this unborn child doesn't already have wayyyy too much stuff. But I figured this was nice. I wanted a boy but since she is not, I'll have fun anyway. I am not ready to be a dad but she is coming any day now. Who knows, the next blog might be the "so, I'm a dad" one. J is now full term at 37 weeks today.

I did end up hiring a graphic artist to do my beer labels. They will be ready in a few weeks so I'll show them to you all. I ended up hiring someone in India to do them. I realize there are issues with that, but I had to be realistic. This is still a hobby after all and I do have other bills. People in North America wanted anwhere from $350 to $3000 to do them. The guy in India is charging $120 total. I found this neat site I got over over 60 bids for the labels. And yes Jeremy, I renamed the oatmeal stout. Speaking of Jeremy he is New York right now (hopefully) getting closer to…
So, the rain is probably gone for the year. I'll deny it if ever asked but I am glad for now. In a few months I'll be as squirrelly as a giant squirrelly thing for the lack of rain. But for today it meant we could cut firewood. Once again my 9 month pregnant wife and I cut wood. Remember the wedding tree? This is what is left of it after 6 hours. This tree was as mixed blessing: one the one hand I don't have to go far for next year's wood and on the other it means I am not getting a lot else done but cutting and stacking it.
My chainsaw is too small to finish the bigger rounds so I will have to borrow one. It was a beautiful day. I decided the let the mom and babies out of their pen. There is nothing funnier than a baby goat. The little spastic leaps still make me laugh, no matter how many times I have seen it.
On Wednesday I am having a backhoe come to get the trailer ready for wiring and plumbing. Although it will be a brewery, my mother and Great Aunt will be here i…
So, I have consulted with a graphic artist. We are going to work out a retainer if I can afford it. I now have all six "flagship beers" named and it is time to create a label for each. I (with the big help of my wife (who is supportive as you can see) and a few others) have come up with a visual idea for each label. I'm not sure how much it will cost so who knows? But I am moving forward. Except with drinking. I am taking a voluntary 4 days off. I realized that, with all this beer around, it was easy to drink every day. That and the fact that I am almost 20 pounds above what I was five years ago. So I have decided not to drink beer this week (until St. Patrick's day of course). I hope to lose about 5 pounds. It's not much time off but it is a start. Even the 2 or 3 beers I have a night add up in calories. In any event I will lose it with the spring we are about to have. In addition to all the babies we have or are about to have, Julianne may have added something …
So, I have draft beer as of today. It took a lot of work, namely because I didn't have the right adapter for the hole saw and had to drive for an hour to get it and then it was too big and then I got out the grinder but took off too much and then had to call Joe over with his drill and then hooked it up wrong and spilled beer everywhere.

Whew. It is worth it but good lord I need to start making good beer. I think I finally figured out what I was doing wrong...I wasn't crushing the grain enough so even though I have been using enough grain I haven't been getting the sugar out of it. I made a new batch with much finer grain and it looks to be about 6%. Nice. Now I just have to wire the trailer (I am trading beer for an electrician) and then it will be all good.

We are about to have our last storm of the year. From now on it will be hot. I am looking forward to a little less rain (for a while) but I know that when it goes it will go for six months. Damnit. But right now it is b…
So, we've had babies. 4 baby goats to be exact. There is nothing more cute than a baby goat. It is the start of the busy season here for us. We now (temporarily) have 9 goats. On top of my horse, 2 cats, four dogs, a fish tank, we are about to get about 50 chicks, a dozen or so guinea fowl keets, turket poults, probably a steer, 2 pigs, and plant a garden. As well my dog is pregnant (and due the same week as Julianne), and Kadee will be here in five weeks if she is on time. Not to mention the fact that this place has gone to hell wiht me studying for 6 months, I am still working hard on my beer and work is busy. Crazy. Just the watering alone in the summer is tedious. I have my list of things to do to get the place ready for sale. I will take it easy on the list because it will be at least 1 year, and probably 2 more before we can escape this place. On the other hand I have about 2 months or so before it gets so hot outside that I won't want to do anything except d…