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So, the tree we got married under fell down. We had a big storm last night. Big by California standards. Which meant it was 70 degrees and sunny today. The tree, however, took out our power (and therefore our water) and our phone. We have the power back but still no phone. If you don't believe me about the weather today look at the pictures of us working. The ironic thing is that my roommate came in last night and asked if he should move his car from under the tree. I said no...why would's been there over a hundred years. The car got away without a scratch but another 6 inches and it would have been bad. I took these pictures before I called him to come look at it. Being a hard worker, my wife, 8 months pregnant, got out there with a hand saw and got to work on it.

What a woman! In her Alaska camo hat. Good lord. My neighbor, and the opposing DA in DUI court, came over and we cut it up and pulled it around with my truck. It made me feel like a man again.

I'll write …
So, the eagles were thick in Homer. Look below to see just how close I got to one. It was about 4 or 5 feet. There are eagles EVERYWHERE in Homer. They are on all the buildings, fences, bridges and just on the beach. I have a funny story about that. There was this large group of eagles on the beach. There was also a professional photographer there. I wanted a closer picture so I started moving towards them. Well needless to say they flew away. Gabe says I looked like a retard running down the beach chasing eagles while the professional photographer was pissed. Oh well. The picture below is of Turnagain arm.
It is the water you drive beside when you leave Anchorage and go to Kenai. Everything there is huge and beautiful. It is neat how once you leave Anchorage there is only wilderness until the next little town or Atco railroad maintenance building. The little "mini-glacier" below (click on the picture and look on the center of the valley) was near Portage Glacier.

In terms of…
So, I'm back home. Am glad to see everyone but also a little sad to be back here. Will upload just a few pics and write more later. Going to sleep and then catch up on some chores and some fun. I definately want to take Julianne to Kenai soon. I liked it but I can see how it might be a hard place to live. For one thing the home brew store is about the size of a small living room. It was the saddest thing I ever saw. I think it would be a great place to raise kids. I loved it but will have to see what J thinks. I'll go back soon and fill in what these (and the rest of them) pics are.

Next time: An explanation of the pics, more pics and more info on Alaska!
So, on way to Kenai. Pics for now. Think I passed. Will write more later. Lots of pics to follow. This theme is drinking. Thank god it is over. I can have my life back. Feel I overstudied now. I got really lucky on what was asked. I am just uploading a few pics so we can clear the camera and go.
So, I'm in Alaska!! Just finished first day of exam. THINK I passed the exams today. Only time will tell. Going to have a few beers and then study. It is not that cold but the sidewalks are pure ice.

I I Within 3 minutes of leaving the hotel last night I found moose droppings all over the sidewalk. I haven't seen much today because it was dark during my walk to the exam and now it is about to get dark again. The walk was great. It was about 20 degrees and took about 20 minutes. Talk about refreshing. Here is the view from the hotel.

Anchorage is a nice enough city but I can't wait to get out and see some of the "real" Alaska. God I hope I pass. I will write more later. Need to chill and then study. I'll take a ton of pics when I am done. Tomorrow is the big day...if I can pass that portion I am home free.

So, just a quick note before I go. Studying like mad, except to rescue Gromit from a tomato cage (don't ask because I don't know). Am getting about 75% right on sample questions, which is enough to pass. 6 months of studying every night and every weekend is about to come to a close. I want my life back. I know Julianne wants some of my time too, before Kadee is born.

Julianne has packed me and we went outside to teach her to shoot the pistol. She did great and I would like to teach her to shoot some more.

Kadee will know by five how to blast away. Maybe even know how to use a Gatling gun. The Adams family will never be shoved into the cattle car. Thanks to everyone who called me and wished me good luck. I will try and write from Kenai, but, if not, will have a ton of pics and things to write about when I get back next Saturday. If there are any emergencies when I am away, just call Julianne..she knows where I am. Talk to you all soon.

Next time: ALASKA!!!!!
So, my 80 year old client was convicted of all counts. That wasn't the worst part. Oh no. Afterwards the foreman of the jury said the jury was "offended" at my defense of him. Then he shook the hand of the police officer and thanked him for "being out there". Yay. So I am the scumbag who dared defend an 80 year old man from a beating. God I hate this place. I wish I was making this up. I can't even begin to describe how angry I feel right now. Maybe when my 95 year old great aunt visits the police can club her.

The next time I write, I will either be in Alaska or be back from Alaska. I leave on Monday morning first thing. I am not sure that I am ready for the exam, and to be honest, this trial has been exhausting both physically and emotionally. I really cared about this old guy. A true gentleman. Put through the wringer of the Placer County Justice System. I don't want to fail this exam. I can't stay here.

My brother ended up not getting heart surger…
So, I am sitting in my office, working on the motions on my 80 year old man beat up by the cops case. I start trial in 75 minutes. Am torn about it. He doesn't deserve this. BUT it will allow me to vent my utter contempt for the DA's office. This will be the best closing I will ever give. How often do I get to represent a 80 year war hero who was a cop for 23 years who was beat up on Veterans Day for having too much to drink? God I hate California. I honestly think that if I lose I might not wait for my Green Card and just start over in Alaska.
This picture is the vacant land near Kenai. How is that view out the front window?

Well I am now in trial. It is going well so far but we are only at the jury selection stage. This case is killing me as I HAVE to study. Thank God we have a 3 day weekend coming up. To make things worse, one of the attorneys in DUI court just got fired so now I have at least 50% more cases. I am already swamped and cannot keep up. Moreover I have things to …
So, I got the police car video from the case I talked about last time. It is better (or worse?) than I ever imagined. The police lied about what happened at the suppression motion hearing. The video shows this: my 80 year client gets out of the car (he is the passenger). He hands his ID to one of the cops, who is NOT in uniform and then takes about two steps towards the one who is. The plain clothes cop, who is close to 300 pounds then punches my client in the back of the head. The other cops rushes over and they football tackle him to the ground. It is unbelievable. Even if he was drunk they could have handled it differently. I know this crap goes on everywhere but the difference is that in Placer County the Judges and DA's encourage this behavior. I am not kidding. God I hate this place. The Judge yelled at me on Friday for "grandstanding" when I told her that we were rejecting any offer becuase the video showed a cop punching my 80 year client in the head. If I can pu…