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So I guess I've been beaten. At the current time, the waiting list for a professional worker who is NOT from India or China (for them its way worse) to get a green card is about 13 years. Add 5 more to become a citizen and I will be a citizen by the time I am 59! I wish I was making this up. But I'm not. So I have to sell the Deuce. Trying on Ebay but who knows. It just isn't fair to the truck, or economically feasible, to have a $6000 moving truck sit around for years. On another note, I guess I got a small taste of my own medicine. We just had a winter storm in Northern California yesterday (which means that today it was so hot I had to take my shirt off to work outside...I am not kidding just look at the weather in the picture above which is dated today). Of course one day of rain makes everyone in California panic like the bird flu was just injected into Big Macs. So, me being me, I make fun of everyone. The news stories about a day of rain being presented in the same …
So my younger brother calls out of the blue today. We haven't spoken in, like, five years. He tells me that he hasn't worked in years. He is 30, has lost his hair and has bags under his eyes. He has a heart problem and has a swollen left testicle that has left him unable to work for years. The doctors apparently don't know what to tell him. Either do I. A quick Google search reveals this:

"Possible causes of symptom: Swollen testes: The following medical conditions are some of the possible causes of Swollen testes as a symptom. There are likely to be other possible causes, so ask your doctor about your symptoms.

Testicle injury
Scrotal infection
Bowel loop hernia
Scrotal cyst
Testicle cancer
Scrotal skin condition

Ward, maybe you should take that list to the Doctor and say "start checking at the top and let me know when we figure it out". Damn, if my nut hurt so bad I lost my hair I'm not sure…
So Merry Christmas everyone. As you can see it is raining here but we have our Christmas lights up nonetheless. We are looking forward to a new year. After losing 4 dogs, a cat, a baby goat, 2 piglets and numerous poultry we are hoping for a year with less death. Besides Kadee, we will be having puppies with Becky and David, getting a new steer, getting more turkeys, chickens and guinea fowl, we should have babies out of 3 goats, and I would like to get a cat for some kittens.

We have no plans for the holidays, but as you can see I am well stocked for the holiday season.

At least with booze. Unfortunately the bar is so crammed with homebrew right now that this picture doesn't do the bar justice.

On an entirely different note, whether or not I move to Alaska, drilling in ANWAR is a bad idea. And today the Senate blocked it yet again. I mean good God, destroy one of the last wild places on Earth for some oil? Yes, yes I know the arguments about the size of Alaska and the new technology…
So we went to the home brew store yesterday. I love that place. Except it always takes me a couple hours to get out of there. Mick, the owner, is constantly brought home brewed alcohol for his opinion. Tough job. But he loves to sit and chat with each person for, like, ever. When it is my turn it is ok but waiting is frustrating. I always just used to get a kit beer and make that. Now, however, I am getting into all grain brewing. Although I still have not made a beer that impresses me I keep trying.

Today I am making a lemon rosemary hefeweizen. I got the most gorgeous lemons I have ever seen from a friends tree and some rosemary from another friends bush. I found a recipe and tweaked it a little. I will see. I have spent some time figuring out which beers I would like to perfect for my brew pub: a red beer (like Rickards Red for you Canucks out there--I am cloning a red beer from the Yukon beer company later today), a stout (oatmeal maybe?), a hefeweizen (maybe flavor…
So Jeremy unexpectedly came up for the weekend. What to do? The obvious. We went out to the range with about 20 guns and blasted away for the day. Now, we are cooking a prime rib from our beef and drinking. Julianne isn't here. In a few minutes we are going to play a head to head World War II game til about 2 am. A man's day. I forgot to take the camera to the range but here is pic of one of the black powder pistols we were shooting.

Actually this gun belongs to the guy who taught Julianne to drive but it is at my house until he gets a place where he can keep it. There was a six year old boy shooting next to us with his dad. It made me a little sad but I guess I can always take Kadee with me. Julianne, as you see, continues to do well.

I wish I had more to report. The weather continues to be in the 50's. People are continuing to panic about the "cold". I study, I work, I wait for my kid to be born. Yay. Work is about to get crazy as I am starti…
So it's a girl. If you look at the bottom left of the second scan you can see KADEE LEIGH ADAMS face. If you look at the bottom left of the first picture you can see her hand. The doctor says she looks fine. No deformities that he can see, but he made it clear (for liability reasons I am sure) that we cant know for sure As glad as we are about that we are a little sad. We both wanted to name our child SAMUEL WALLACE ADAMS after our boys. That will be next. So anyone reading this better not steal that name! I am kind of glad in a way. Now I can meet the boys she wants to date. I will have one rule: if she sees it, it is gone. To the pigs. Here is 1000 years warning (actually these days more like 16 if I am lucky): boys stay away from her or I will feed you to the grizzlies. It is weird. I already feel VERY touch her and the Adams boys will kill your ass.

Otherwise not much is new. God it rained yesterday. Almost made me feel at home. Another w…