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Well some good news. I think I am less panicked about the whole Alaska bar exam thing. I still have a few months and I have a plan to get it learned enough to pass. If I had thought about it, I would have written the Washington bar exam and waived in. I guess the only benefit to my madness is I get to go to Alaska in February. Yay! As I said earlier, we find out if it is a boy or not on Friday. I know Julianne (and others for that matter) don't understand but I REALLY want a boy first. INCOMING! We each bought a little outfit on the weekend: mine was for a boy and J's for a girl. Cross your fingers. I managed to pawn my loser felony trial off on an eager misdemeanor attorney so that is good too. The only good thing about a trial right now is the beautiful old courthouse that trials are done in.

And, unlike everyone else in this lousy state, I am happy about the winter "storm" we are having. Watching the news you think it was Rapture time or something. OH…
So it took a whole day (7 am to 5 pm) but we cut enough meat to last five families an entire year.

In fact I was surprised it took so long because I have so much to do. As if working full time wasn't enough I am trying to study every day. Not to mention the fact that there is NO Alaska outline as to what I have to learn so I am making one from scratch. Next week I am in trial and so my life is about to get even crazier. I feel a little overwhelmed really with the amount that is going on. I could study 8 hours a day and still feel like I am doing too little. Today is another example of how much I have to do. Oh well. At least the weather finally turned. We had rain finally and the house is actually chilly today.

It is about 50 degrees outside, which is nice. I wish I had more time to work outside today. I had a 4 day weekend but it felt like about 2 hours. I can only imagine how bad it will be when there is a kid too. Julianne and I find out the sex on Friday at 4 p.…
So I called the Alaska Bar Association just to check on the status of my application. Everything was fine until Ellie asked me if I was studying Alaska law. I would fail if I wasn't. Oh great. Of course I haven't been. When I wrote California, I was told not to study the specifics of California law but to "think like a lawyer". Turns out, from looking at old Alaska bar exams, that she is right. I need to know Alaska specific law. Just add that onto the list of things I have to do. Thankfully I might be able to find a little time at work, if things don't get crazy with drunk drivers over the holidays.

I heard an interesting piece on NPR about blogs. About how people don't want to read about what movies you saw or how your kids are. Who cares? Good point. Maybe I should stick to the basics of this blog: why Kalifornia sucks. Well the house pictured above (a model I like by the way) would be half a million dollars or more. Actually I shouldn&#…
Well some of us had a busy day. Our dog Becky and our cat Witty, who have an unnatural relationship, spent the day lounging. We both worked on the room, I dealt with some homebrew issues, we worked on the hide, J cleaned the kitchen etc. I still have a least two full weeks of work here. I could stay busy here full time. Tonight I still have to do a partial water change on my tank, study etc. Whew! The weatehr was about perfect, if a little warm. We had a great sunset, that this picture does not do justice to.

For some reason we have amazing sunsets here in the fall. By now, in Fairbanks it is still light but is -8F or -22 C per Nice. Here, I am trying to get all the things done outside that I didn't want to do all summer. I found time for a ride today even.

Another week start tommorrow. I remember when I was first a Public Defender how I could not wait to go to work. Now I am just thinking that we have a four day weekend coming up soon. Even though this was…
Well, as promised, we killed our beef on Friday. Let me tell you, I had the "butcher's steak" and it is awesome tasting meat. It should be: they went through thousands of pounds of corn and molasses and alfalfa. Whatever some of the uneducated masses may say, a grain finished home grown beef is better than factory meat by far. The first pic was taken about 10 seconds after I shot the steer. Dan, our friend and butcher, hopped in there and cut the throat.

Then we dragged it out, (pic 2) put it on its back and started skinning (pics 3 and 4). THe we lifted it up, finished skinning, gutted it and cut it in half. You can see there is a lot of beef in the back of the truck. Mine was 675 pounds and the other was 880 pounds of meat and bones. We butcher on November 26. We brought the hide home and started cleaning it for tanning. We are going to put it on the floor somewhere. We finished the basic scraping and salted it today.

On other news, I am proud to a…
So I am cooking dinner last night when my brother calls me on his satellite phone from Alberta. Out of the blue he offers to pay our tickets to see him and his family. I pause. On the one hand I am thrilled. I would love to see them again. On the other there is my pride. Damnit I am a lawyer. I should be able to pay my own way. Especially when I learn that the tickets are going to be around $2000. Well family over money. I guess that's easy for me to say since I'm not paying. But we are going! It'll be great. The snow. Seeing the kids. I relax up there. Julianne can see a real winter environment. A small taste of the winters in Alaska to come.

We are actively seeking a new roommate but who knows? Not everyone wants to live in hickville. The big problem for us is who looks after the dogs, cats, horse, goats, pigs, fish etc for a week? A few months ago it would have easy. But I had a falling out with the guy at work that I could count on. Long story tha…
So the weather had finally "turned". Down to 70's and we've had an overnight rain. The dogs and cats seem to think that they are about to freeze to death. I put a heating pad under some soon to be liquor to keep the fermentation going and the cats and dogs love it. Gosh, the 70's. Right now in Fairbanks it is -17 F or -27 C. Nice. That is 90 degrees colder than here. Called yesterday to the ferry people. The good news is that ferry seems like it will be closer to $7,000 than $11,000. The bad news is that I might have to sell my horse Maximus. Standing in a horse trailer for 4 days might just be the end of him. We'll see. I also have my Deuce listed on Ebay. It turns out that I need a commercial license in Kalifornia for it. The only crappy state where I do, by the way. God I hate this crappy place; we are so over-regulated you can't fart without a government inspection. I have to go through one scale and stop on my way out of this place a…
I think the worst part of moving is leaving behind people that you care about. For example, I couldn't wait to get out of Victoria. Now, when I think about the people I left behind, and the people closer to me like my brother and his family, I feel so sad sometimes. The thought of moving to Alaska is exciting. But then I have to leave behind more people. To be honest, there are very few people here in Grass Valley or in Auburn that I will miss. In fact, none. But I will miss Jeremy over in Santa Rosa and Brian and Gomes over in Ukiah. I will still miss my family and friends in Victoria. Like Lloyd and Stephen and all the gang there. To someone reading this I guess this doesn't make much sense. I mean, who are these people? To those that know me such emotion might seem out of place. But, I mean what the hell? I barely make it every month. Yes, yes I am objectively lucky I know that. And we live well I know that. But it is NOT how I envisioned my life when I dre…