Monday, April 25, 2016

So, happy birthday to my AJ! 8 years old already. Wow.  Of all my children, she is by far the biggest ham.  She loves to dance and to be the center of attention.  She cracks me up.  I'm so glad that my kids are getting a little older. I don't like being older mind you.  But the time is coming when we can really start to get out and do some things.  We are moving back to Alaska in June 2018.  I can really smell it.  I am starting to prepare now.  For the first time, I can see a clear path forward.

Friday, April 22, 2016

So, happy TENTH birthday my number one monkey. I cannot believe that ten years have gone by. Its remarkable. We had a quiet day. I had to pay over $60 for her to have halibut for dinner. I promised myself that was one of the last times.   Soon it will be fish caught by us from our own boat.  She's grown into a remarkable young woman.  Yes, she drives me crazy with her pre teen drama sometimes but she is crazy smart and a lot of fun.  I've never seen someone with perfect grades across all subjects.  My main goal right now is to give her and her sisters a great childhood.    

As for me, I have busy. Its that simple.  We are actively remodeling our entire house.  The real estate market here is insane and, for once, I may get a break.   I can probably make a couple hundred grand. I intend to sell it and use the money for new toys in Alaska.  I have set a date of June 2018 for our return.  That means I will have been away for 6 years.  Besides remodeling the house, I am beyond working full time.  Our firm is finally starting to make some real money.  Yesterday, I paid off the last credit card.  Now, other than the mortgages, for the first time in my adult life, I am debt free.  Now I can start saving for Alaska.  We will probably buy land and build the house as we want it.  I just need to make it to the end of this year.  Our civil caseload is probably worth about $7,000,000 right now and we just need to grab that money.  I'm tired of criminal defense and 80 hours a week.  Im lucky enough to spend most of my time on cannabis compliance now but I can't wait to do just that and help manage  This is our nationwide personal injury and mass tort law firm.  All in all, we are doing well.  I miss Alaska but, for the first time, I see a clear path to return.  

  I do feel guilty for letting this go.  I will do better. I would love for the kids to see their whole lives.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

So, to not write since July is unacceptable.  I have decided to make my blog public again.  Not because I think anyone will actually read it, but because I want to make it accessible to my kids if anything were to happen to me.  Also, I intend to chronicle my life more on this again.  I'd like to say that a lot has changed since I wrote 5 months ago, but that would be a lie.  Granted, things have improved.  We bought a house.  Its a shitshack but its ours.  It is 1588 square feet, was built in the 1970's and never updated, has a rat and mold problem.  BUT, assuming the economy doesn't collapse, I can probably build a few hundred thousand in equity.  I've decided that, barring death or total incapacity, we are going back to Alaska in June of 2018.  That seems like a long way off, but it isn't.  Granted, my finances currently do not support such a move.  As always, I am broke.  Supporting a family on one income in a place with incredibly expensive cost of living doesn't leave much.  Plus, we are still plowing everything into the firm.  I am super optimistic though.  My work in the Alaska marijuana industry didn't pay off but I got to go home a lot last year.  Jeremy and I went to Tustumena in October and the family went to Soldotna for two weeks at Christmas.  Really, the point of this post is to remind myself to start doing this again.  Just for me.  And maybe my kids one day.  The last three years have been hard on my health and my heart but I can sense that major changes are coming and I'm glad.


Sunday, July 26, 2015

So, I cannot believe it has been two months since I have posted.  I have never experienced this before: time is going by so fast I cannot keep up.  Weeks and months fly by.  I am extraordinarily busy.  Most of my time is spent on projects that should allow me to escape this lifestyle and this place.  I have worked too hard for the last three years and my health is beginning to suffer.  At 42.  Not cool.  A real change of mindset needs to happen.  I have injured myself to help people who skip out on their bills.   My left foot is in pain all the time now.  I think I can recover if I just stop working so hard.    We bought a house here. It is a long way from our dream house but it is better than spending $3000 a month in rent.  I have an arrangement where I live in the house for no less than two years and no more than three.  That is my timeline.  I am 42 now.  Right around my 45th birthday I intend to return home to Alaska for good.  Here are my priorities between now and then: make a lot of money and try to get my health back.  Years of sitting here helping the ungrateful has taken its toll. However, all is not negative.
Years of effort are hopefully about to pay off.  If I don't kill myself in the process, I will spend a lot of time doing what I want to do.  I will also try and update this blog more often.  While I see this period as one of transition, it is not for my girls.  For them, this is a place they are growing up.  I must remember that in the next 24-36 months.  

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

So.  I'm frustrated that I don't have more to say.  So much is still uncertain in my life.  Things are going well but more slowly than I would like.  As I get older I recognize the importance of doing so much more than working.  I have been traveling to Alaska a lot and am more confident than ever that I will return soon.  I just got back from a weekend home that was the most productive weekend of my life.  The firm has gone though a lot of problems with staff in the last 8 months that are finally behind us.  Many civil cases are finally maturing and soon bring some money into the firm.  It would be so much easier if we were just running one business but Jeremy and I started three from scratch.  People really have no idea how much work and money it takes to create a business. All in all things are going well indeed.  It is just trying to figure out timing.  Should I buy a house here or will I be moving back to Alaska soon?  My rent is $2800 a month and I hate it.  When will civil cases settle?  What will the cannabis industry rules in Alaska look like?  Will I be needed there sooner?  The kids are doing great and growing so fast. It is so important that I spend more time with them. The last three years have been full of work and worry.  It has been a real struggle.   I am looking forward to that day when I tell the girls to pack up.  When we return to Alaska I only work on what I want to work on.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

So, things are finally progressing around here.  Jeremy finally settled a big case last week that should allow me to pay off quite a bit of debt. After all these years of struggle, it is a welcome relief. In a twist of irony, I may not spend all the money I could paying off debt. I want to go home to Alaska, and as soon as possible. It is possible that we may be leaving as soon as December, 2015. So, I may spend a bunch of money getting a garage built at my little house. We may move back in there for a while. What a circle life can be. We have been trying to make the best of it with as much camping as possible in our old trailer. We finally found a spot that we really enjoy, mainly because there is no one else around. The kids are doing great. As for me, not else is new. I work and wait to work. I have to make some changes soon because I can feel my health suffering. I cannot wait to get back to Alaska and be more active. This year really will change our lives. I will continue to make the best of our time here but I am already starting to accumulate gear in Alaska. I have been back once this year and will be back again next month. One thing that IS new, is am focusing my practice on cannabis law. My Facebook page, Alaska Pot Attorney, is very robust and I enjoy doing it a lot. Soon, I will be home.  

Sunday, February 01, 2015

So, things are evolving for me.  It won't come as any surprise, but I've decided that I'm not staying here.  My plan right now is to return home to Alaska in June 2016.  I hope that gives me enough time to make enough money to do that.  I'm not planning to abandon my practice here, but will come back as necessary.  Of course, this is a all just a 'plan'.
Much depends on things outside my control.  Nevertheless, it feels good.  I have to do something else.  All I do here is work and wait to work.  My health has started to go downhill.  I keep telling myself I will get it back, but that is a lie.  So.  I have to start taking care of myself.  Remembering what is important.  I will write more as things develop.